Friday, 18 May 2018


So these two in particular and for the next few I plan on creating deals with 2-3 point fractals with the max being 12, this creates more of a circular image, as well I have found the colour turns out opposite as what it's original has which is interesting I think. I'm still trying to fully figure out what factors go into the randomization of the image being processed. Maybe I should try processing the same image twice to see if it truly is random! Who knows?!


Free download avalible! free to use as you wish. I know verticle images of mine may make great phone backgrounds

I hope you have great day!/ weekend! =D
Kyle Lundli

6.0 Series no. 00248
6.0 Series no. 00245

Thursday, 17 May 2018


So I haven't wrote anything in a long time, and I've been working hard on various things and working with new software, and I've come to the conclusion and after testing various means I believe I have found a way that gives my art away free for download and also helps me in my en devours so I would like to post this link/s where you can freely view as well as freely download select pieces of art, I have also opened a Collection where you will find free (1920x1080) wallpapers and will be continually added to when I'm not busy with other things and I hope you can enjoy :)

With these links going forward I will be only posting them in the community "Abstract art" under "Available by artist", my own collection "Fractals and Wallpapers", and this blog. as I want to lessen any possible spam.

My main aim and concern is creating high quality art and allowing as many people to see it for free.

Recently over the past few months, I moved away from regular painting, and took a huge jump into new software, though I don't believe it's the software that makes the art, I was looking for something totally different, with the option to have many MANY other parameters which could be used in new ways that no one has done yet.

Each image within this "style" is run through 3 different software, one to build the form, one to destroy the form, and lastly edit colors. It is a fairly simple process with effective results. I would also like to say the point in which I noted it get's "destroyed" is only one of thousands of options and to be honest most suck, and they take a long time to load, so I found myself sticking to this one in particular for now until I can find some time sit down and create a test piece and go through a few more.!

Clicking on this image will take you to see the full image,  as well as the option download!


Kyle :)

6.0 Series no. 0012_1